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Bonne Terre, we are in this together.

Help us find the answers, find the truth, find justice for this family and this small town. We are very grateful for the support of the Bonne Terre Police Department, the Sheriff's Department and the entire Bonne Terre Community. If you want to talk, we will listen. We are thankful to the Martin family and Andrea and Angela for entrusting us with their fight. This Small Town Forgotten team has a connection and affinity for this family and this town!

For updates on the investigation, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you have any information that you would like to share, please connect with us through this website or our email

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The News is Out!

Fox2 News in St. Louis picked up our story about the case being reopened. We are busy creating our next episode so we can share with you the exciting past couple of weeks.


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