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Small Town Forgotten is an investigative true crime podcast and documentary film created by Blue Burn Productions. This real time investigative series is hosted by podcast newcomer and Missouri developer, Chris Hulsey. The series is written by Vonessa Martin and directed by Portland/Los Angeles film and theatre director/producer, Shawn Lee Martin.  

This season focuses on a very personal cold case. Both Chris and Shawn were born and raised in Bonne Terre, MO, where the murder happened. In fact, many of the multi-generational Martin family built their lives in Bonne Terre. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins regularly gathered for 4th of July picnics, Christmas parties, Sundays after church and just about any excuse to get together. This close knit family was devastated by Jimmie Wade's tragic death.

On October 13th, 1989 there were dozens of witnesses, a murder weapon, and a taped confession yet no one was convicted.  How did it become a cold case? Why has there been no justice for the Martin family, no justice for Jimmie Wade's twin daughters?

ABOUT Small Town Forgotten

Host & Executive Producer - Chris Hulsey

Creative Producer & Executive Producer - Ashton Hulsey

Writer & Executive Producer - Vonessa Martin

Director & Executive Producer - Shawn Lee Martin

ABOUT BlueBurn Productions

BlueBurn Productions was formed to create Small Town Forgotten, an investigative true crime podcast and documentary film series that focuses on unsolved small town murders and cold case crimes.  Season one focuses on the small town of Bonne Terre, Missouri and the 31 year old murder of Jimmie Wade Martin Jr.

BlueBurn Productions is comprised of Ashton Hulsey, Chris Hulsey, Shawn Lee Martin, and Vonessa Martin. Chris Hulsey is nephew to Shawn Lee Martin and Ashton and Vonessa are the badass women whom they married.

ABOUT Vagrant Media Productions

Vagrant Media is comprised of Brett Wiley, Jake Delaloye, and Caleb Cook. After meeting in high school and discovering a common passion for filmmaking, they worked on various projects together including music videos, short films, and documentaries. After being approached by childhood friend, Chris Hulsey, Vagrant Media partnered with BlueBurn Productions in a mutual effort to bring the truth to light in Jimmie Wade Martin's murder.

ABOUT Carrogan Ventures

Logan Janis, Founder and podcast producer, grew up in Bonne Terre just blocks away from where the murder took place. Logan has worked in radio, brand advertising and marketing, and specializes in digital strategy, social media, and online community management.  Logan will manage the podcast distribution and our online community through the show's various channels.

ABOUT Todd Hulsey

Todd Hulsey is a singer/songwriter and composed the original music for the trailer. Stay tuned for his upcoming song written for the show!

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