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Are you listening?

The response from our second episode has been electrifying and motivating. As we post this blog, we have had over 5700 downloads, over 50 thousand views on Facebook, and over 3000 followers on social media. Our listeners are from every state in the US; many from Illinois, California, and Texas, as far as Hawaii and as remote as Alaska. To our surprise we also have a large number of listeners from Canada, Australia, and the UK. And a special hello to our lone listener in South Africa!

We are so floored and gratified to have reached so many people. We are especially thankful to all of our listeners in our home state of Missouri. It is because of you and the attention you have given this cold case that has motivated law enforcement to meet with us next week. That's big news, we know. But we are heading into it with caution. It's just a meeting and we don't know what will happen next but yes, just to have a chance to talk to them and see what can be done is huge progress.

A local radio station, KFMO B104.3, called Chris earlier this week because they heard about the meeting and before we knew it there was a story online and on the radio. We are still not sure how they learned about it. We were not planning on talking about the meeting during our podcast or on social media until much later. However, we have adjusted. This is a great example of how moment-to-moment this journey has been already.

Thank you for staying with us, listeners. We ARE really in this together.

Small Town Forgotten Team

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