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First Episode Launched!

Thank you for visiting our website. Really. It means a lot. Thank you for your interest and support. Yesterday we shared our first episode of our first season with the world. The last few weeks since we first announced Small Town Forgotten with our preview trailer has been intense but rewarding. We have been floored by how many views, (over 44 thousand!) comments and shares the trailer received and how many people have reached out; offering their well wishes and sometimes information. We have been so thankful for the response. And we hope the enthusiasm and interest is maintained as we tell Andrea and Angela’s story of their father’s death throughout the season.

This podcast has been the work of many years but really came together in the past couple of months and quickly. Before Ashton, Shawn, Vonessa and I formed BlueBurn Productions, the guys from Vagrant Media had reached out to me to see if I was interested in their video production services for my construction business. I had known Brett, Jake and Caleb in high school and thought they would be a great crew to film a story about Bonne Terre, their hometown. And then I reached out to Logan Janis, another North County High School contact, to tap into his social media and marketing expertise. An entire team of small town natives worked on this podcast (except Vonessa who has been a repeat visitor to Bonne Terre for twenty years so we let her city roots slide). We buy local and support local!

When BlueBurn Productions first dived into the research we thought we knew the facts of the case. The more we learned the more we realized we didn’t know anything. There have already been so many twists and turns --as you will hear when you listen to future episodes. We talk about the end goal, to find the person or persons who killed Jimmie Wade and have the case reopened with authorities. Always keeping it in our sights. And as we said in our first podcast, we know it will not bring Jimmie Wade back. He will never be able to be a grandfather to his grandchildren. But it will bring peace and closure to his daughters and the entire Martin family.

Chris Hulsey

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